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Operational Transformation Strategy for Small Business

If you’re a great visionary leader with a good product, inevitably you’ll get to a point where you are spending a lot of time running things and not much time envisioning, innovating and doing what you love. It feels like you’re not living your mission. 


In actuality, you’ve reached a beautiful stage in your business where you are now SO close (so close!) to bringing your business into the next level of operational ease and new opportunities. 


Maybe you don’t see it -- but I do.

I LOVE rhythms. Smooth running interconnected systems are so sexy (and fun!) -- because beautiful operations lets you experience your business in the way you want to experience it. 


Let me help you fall in love with your business again. 


1. Roadmap to Joy

We start by deeply understanding you, how you work and your vision.

Strengths and personality: How do you work at your best? 


Define Metrics of Success:
How do you know you are winning? 


Operational Roadmap: 

A roadmap and proposal for redesigning your business operations. 

2. Rhythms of Ease

With a roadmap in hand, I’ll support you through the transformation 


Operational Re-Design:
Creating new infrastructure to support your new way of working. Including tech platforms, onboarding workflows, people processes, sales and marketing process. 


Practical Support: 

I can assist you with actually getting stuff done whether you are overwhelmed with the nitty-gritty or stuck in the big picture.  

3. Ongoing Support

Change never stops, really.

As you outgrow your new systems, face operational conundrums and strategic mindfuck, I can help you get unstuck.


Line is brilliant at mapping out a system, finding it's weaknesses, and exploring & creating creative solutions to fix them.

She took what felt like a chaotic web of ideas, thoughts, and 'systems' and created a realistic, pragmatic path forward. Fantastic communicator, and was very open with concerns or blindspots, which saved a lot of heart & headache.

I feel very lucky to have worked with Line and having learnt a process that made me realise that I can make a business work better, I can make systems beautiful, make what felt tedious fun, and what was stressful, and opportunity for learning & system-wide improvement.

—  Kiran Patel, Film Maker & Community Builder (ENFP)

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