Your Personality, Your Business

Coaching Package - $250

Learn how to tweak your business so can you do work with effortless flow. 

Think about the moments when you have felt the most engaged with what you are doing. 


You lose connection to the world around and float into a focused presence were you have a great sense of inner clarity, your mind fully lit up, your body completely in sync with the moment - you know how to proceed and you do so with confidence.


This is what flow is like, and from this place you solve problems with grace and ease.

When you don’t have regular access to flow you start to feel disconnected from your work, you stop caring as much, you’re just muddling through, confused about what’s important. Maybe you become anxious; anxious to prove yourself and not be exposed as an imposter. 


It’s soul crushing. And exhausting. 

And while it feels like life has conspired against you, there is actually a science to cultivating and getting into flow. Anyone can do it. The key is to leverage the innate skills you already have (don’t worry, you have plenty. I guarantee it).  

In this coaching package you'll uncover your personality archetype and learn how to align your business so that you're doing your heart's work. 


Get 3 private sessions + a bunch of insightful resources, for $250 NZD.


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This package is designed for:  

  • Creative owners of a small businesses

  • Independent consultants and coaches

  • Solo Entrepreneurs​

  • Side Hustlers 


Personality Profiling Interview

I guide us through a conversation burrowing into your unique personality wiring. Unlike online tests, this approach is contextual, not statistical and reductionistic.

Personality Deep Dive 
Learn about your type’s innate talents, challenges and how to leverage your wiring to get into flow. 

Do Business with Flow 
In this session we'll zero in on your unique challenges. What needs to change (and how), in order for you to be at your best? 


This may involve changing strategic directions, a new daily rhythm, redesigning your operations or delegate work to others.

Personality & Flow Resources

  • Your type's common strengths and challenges 

  • Typical blindspots and mental traps 

  • The most important areas to focus on for growth 

  • Visual map of typical neurological wiring for your type

  • Quick tips to maximise flow 

Already know your Myers Briggs? 

Undecided between two types?


Line walked me through how my personality can show up in different areas of my life, beyond just work which helped me illuminate tendencies that I didn't know I had.


She helped me understand how I engage with the world when I'm stressed, and how I can better manage that, which is a life-saver!


 Line made me feel very comfortable, and was un-assumptive, asked great questions, and helped me get to insights that I didn't expect, but continues to help me in a my day-to-day life! 

—  Kiran Patel, Film Maker & Community Builder (ENFP)

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