Coaching Package

Knowing your personality helps you work in ways that are more natural and powerful. I go beyond the four letter Myers Briggs code to reveal your hidden genius.

Trained and certified through Personality Hacker. 


Personality Profiling Interview 

Personality Deep dive session 

Align your work to your strengths ​​​​​​

Resources for long term growth & development

Personalised Programme

Working alongside you in bringing your business to the next level of operational ease, so that you can focus on doing the work that lights you up. 

Deeply understanding you and your goals

Operational Transformation Roadmap 

Hands-on practical support

Operational Redesign 


Tools and practices for creating radical alignment in your business and team. 

Public Workshops

Tailored Workshops for High Performing Teams 

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Meet Line Silseth

Fundamentally and every day I’m driven to solve some really big problems.

I ache, laugh and love with the knowing that we live in a decaying world. 


I’m a Norwegian who found her way to New Zealand in 2011. I studied sociology for 5 years -- it empowered me with knowledge of the world, but left me disconnected from how to bring about change.

In 2014 I left academia and started working with social enterprises, eventually finding my niche in supporting leaders to bridge the gap between idealism and action, visions and operations, in a human centered way.  

Since then I have explored organisational systems thinking and studied personality psychology, which has greatly deepened my insights. 

Now I work to bring these insights to creative business owners like you, schedule a 30 min consultation to learn if I can help you.

The Mission,

We are standing at the foothill of a great mountain. The mountain represents the collective global challenges facing the earth, it is steep and the route is uncharted.  As we stand here in fear and awe looking up, many of us feel disoriented and dissociated.

We disconnect from our body, from each other and from time, and yet there is hope.

As bellies fill with fire,
heads, hearts and minds turn to action.


The work and mission of Radical Connection rises up from the crack in between disconnection and hope.

I am here to support you to live your fullest self through your work. 

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